Great Location Study: Visibility

By: spaceselectors   June 18, 2019

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A great location has great street front visibility.

If they can see it, they will come. That may not always be true but great visibility increases your chances.

Without a doubt, there is a huge cool factor when you are introduced to a great restaurant, speakeasy, interior design firm, jerk chicken shack or lobster roll place that is in some out of the way, obscure location. Personally, I love finding great retailers tucked away in the midst of an industrial district a few blocks away from an access road. Yet, I have to admit that sometimes, I can’t remember exactly how to get to those places, or which ‘left’ I’m supposed to take to get there.

Fact – commercial real estate with great visibility has a greater likelihood for long-term success than commercial real estate with poor visibility. There’s no need to try to intellectualize something that is so evident. Visibility helps potential customers become more aware of the opportunities about them and make quicker decisions about where they want to shop. The frequency with which customers patronize a retail or food and beverage outlet lends itself to a more quantifiable correlation between marketing/merchandising initiatives and revenue stability on the landlord and tenant side. Infrequent visits make internal operational assessment more difficult and inadequate market positioning compounds the matter. A great location puts the retail project right out front for the world to see!

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