Great Location Study: Landscaping

By: spaceselectors   June 18, 2019

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A great location is well landscaped.

Employees and customers are much happier spending their time working or shopping in a great location that includes a nice environment. It is normal to think that the interior space is most important. It’s understandable that people believe that since employees and customers will spend a great deal of their time within the interior of a commercial space. Even if that’s true, prudent investment in exterior spaces can yield significant tangible returns to a landlord or business owner.

Curb appeal is real. I had a developer call me today about one of my client’s building because he saw my sign and loved the architecture i.e. the design and exterior facade of the building. The beauty of the building was a literal calling card for the architect and may lead to new business. Landscaping is no different.

Would you prefer to eat a great salad with your beverage of choice during a lunch with friends over the weekend in the middle of an asphalt parking lot, among a field of SUVs and garbage cans or on a patio lined with beautiful shrubs, seasonal flowers and the foliage of indigenous trees? The location of your lunch won’t change the taste of the food, but the location of your lunch changes your mood and your emotions. If flora can evoke emotion positively or negatively and that emotion influences decision-making, the economic decision-making that effects your bottom line, then investing in your property’s landscaping is equally important as investing in the elevator lobby or shared restrooms.

For tenants of retail space, minimizing their occupancy cost is a defined priority when deciding on where to sign a lease. An experienced business owner will choose the place that makes economic sense, will be comfortable for their employees and attractive to their customers. Landlords must protect the interests of their equity partners by being aware of how landscaping drives the long-term attractiveness of retail assets.

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