Great Location Study: Ingress/Egress

By: spaceselectors   June 18, 2019

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A great location has great ingress/egress.

The only thing worse than not being able to get somewhere that you want to go, is being stuck somewhere that you want to leave. I’ve felt trapped too many times at a restaurant after a fantastic meal when it takes the waiter more than ten minutes to bring the check after they’ve cleared the plates from our cheese service. What is taking so long???!!! It’s almost as bad as waiting for 15 minutes on the front in when you’ve made a reservation.

Customers and employees can feel the same way when they have to navigate streets with poorly timed traffic signals, ‘left turn’ only exits or main entrances located on one-way streets. Real estate investors need to be mindful of these types of impediments to their future tenant’s success. If customers can’t get to stores, how well do you think the tenant will do? I have seen specific locations in Denver, an otherwise booming city, fail because tenant after tenant continue to occupy space that has inherent obstacles to long-term success. After a while, the location gets a stigma that it can’t shake and asking rents turn into begging rents for the landlord.

A great location will always allow for a natural and convenient flow of traffic in and out of a retail property.

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