Great Location Study: Environment

By: spaceselectors   June 18, 2019

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A great location has a clean environmental record.

Environmental clean-ups are expensive. Not only that, causes of environmental damage are highly contested and politicized. Real estate is hard enough without adding another issue that may harm or alienate your employees, investors, neighbors or tenants.

It is important to find a title company and a real estate attorney that understand how to complete thorough due diligence during the acquisition of commercial real estate properties. The additional costs to include these qualified professionals in your negotiations are literally laughable compared to the vast and potentially endless economic and ethical liabilities that can be placed on the shoulders of a new owner by ignoring environmental issues in the name of saving a buck in the short term.

In the end, landlords and tenants reap a multitude of benefits by selecting great locations with clean and clear environmental records. Do the right thing.

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