Great Location Study: Covered Parking

By: spaceselectors   June 14, 2019

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A great location has covered parking.

The only thing better than plenty of free parking is free covered parking. The shelter provides security and protection from the elements for the driver and the vehicle.

Today, it’s winter in Colorado. If a potential retail customer has to choose between two equidistant retail locations providing the same retail offerings, the covered location will nearly always win. When it doesn’t, it’s usually because the parking garage isn’t well-lit, it’s dirty or there are unsavory folks wandering in and around it. Those types of issues need to be addressed by the landlord’s property management group. The great landlords know this and are ahead of these issues before they become ISSUES.

Tenants enjoy the benefits and are concerned about the management of covered parking too. The convenience and proximity of a well-maintained garage are a huge benefit to helping a retailer or restaurant offer a valued amenity to the public and its staff. Retail customers and employees are people, not pawns. They should not be taken for granted. Parking garages are expensive to build, so not every project can afford one. However, if one exists and you can occupy or own it as a landlord or tenant, it is something to be considered. Great locations may exist without covered parking, but it’s always better to have it than not.

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