Great Location Study: Bus Stops

By: spaceselectors   June 18, 2019

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A great location is adjacent to a bus stop.

Public transportation is vital to the economic success and stability of every city in the U.S. The combination of light rail, subway systems and buses provide people with extremely valuable and affordable travel and commuting options. And while some cities don’t have an above-ground train system, like ‘the L’ in Chicago or an underground subway system like the ‘Metro’ in New York, nearly all major U.S. cities have a public busing authority.

Most people travel by public bus because it saves them money. By relying on a bus system, you don’t need a car and therefore avoid all of the related expenses i.e. fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking. I don’t take public transportation as much as I should when I am at home. I tend to use it more often when I travel, like I did last weekend in New York. As I sit on a bus, no matter where I happen to be, I always notice how many students, commuters and tourists are utilizing this mode of transport.

I recognize the importance of bus stop adjacency for commuters at the start and the end of the workday. If someone’s employer is just footsteps away from a bus stop, that employee’s workday will be extremely fluid as it pertains to getting to and from work. That convenience gives the employer leverage. It also helps the landlord because happier employees are less likely to quit, and a stable business can pay the rent. On the tourist side, it’s fantastic for a retailer or restauranteur to be located near a bus stop. Tourists aren’t familiar with the cities they visit by definition. The proximity to a bus stop allows the business owner to market their location in terms that locals and out-of-towners can understand. That advantage brings more stability to the business and the likelihood for a long-term tenancy is increased. Bus stops, particularly sheltered ones, turn good locations into great ones.

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