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By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Getting Started in Denver Commercial Real Estate 2019

Are you thinking about getting into the commercial real estate sector? Perhaps you are coming over from residential, or you have no past real estate experience at all. We want to help provide some information so that you can learn the basics of what it takes to get started in this sector, and what kind of potential income awaits you.   So why do you want to be in commercial real estate? This is typically the first question you should ask yourself? Your “why” can be the most import

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate: Understanding the Difference

  Are you looking into a career in real estate, but unsure as to if commercial or residential is the right path for you? There is a lot that goes into becoming an agent, and a lot to consider before deciding on which path to take. While there are similarities, there are also many differences. Taking a closer look can help you see which is the right fit for you.   The most obvious difference between being a commercial agent or residential agent is the type of real estate prop

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

All About Commercial Real Estate Loans in Denver

  Since commercial real estate is specific to an income-producing property that is used only for business purposes, i.e. mall, shopping center, office building, warehouse, and hotel, financing is done through a commercial loan. A lot of times that can mean the mortgages are secured by liens on the commercial property. Just as you see with a home mortgage, banks and independent lenders are involved in commercial loans. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at commercial real

investor writing business plan at his desk
By: Space Selectors   August 12, 2019

The Significance of a Business Plan in Commercial Real Estate

Success in the real estate investing industry is not something that comes easily. It definitely won’t happen without property planning or implementation. This is where a business strategy is essential. For entrepreneurs, a real estate business plan can serve as a road map to all of your business operations. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, having a business process will play an important role in having success with commercial real estate laws.   There are a few impor

Craft Brewery Real Estate
By: spaceselectors   July 29, 2019

The Effects of the Craft Beer Boom on Commercial Real Estate

    When we look at the most consumed alcoholic beverage worldwide, we find that beer is not only one of the oldest but also most consumed options available. By 2025, the global beer market is projected to be valued around $27.6 Billion. This growth is primarily driven by increases in disposable income, changing consumer preferences, the rise of a more experience-based culture, and change

Downtown Denver Commercial Real Estate
By: spaceselectors   July 29, 2019

What do Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Denver, CO Actually Do?

A commercial real estate broker is a licensed professional who helps clients buy, sell, or lease properties that will be used for business purposes. Often you will find that they represent and act as mediators between buyers and sellers. Due to the fact that real estate is a very competitive field, you will find most brokers work long hours in order to achieve success. Denver commercial real estate is its own unique beast – with many saying that Denver was

coffee shop commercial real estate finder
By: spaceselectors   July 29, 2019

8 Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Tips to Expect from an Experienced Broker in Denver

First time commercial real estate buyers often find it to be a stressful experience, even with the assistance of an experienced broker. Negotiations always prove to be especially nerve-wracking. Navigating the deal-making waters can really be an art, which is why you always want to make sure to work with your broker through the process. However, it is always helpful to have an idea of what to expect when buying. Take a look at the top 10 tips our experts have come up with that can help you and y

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