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By: Space Selectors   December 22, 2019

Top Five Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies

  If you are not sure how to greatly increase your prospects, you will be, after you uncover the top five commercial real estate marketing strategies presented here.  These effective marketing efforts will bring in new prospects, so you can sell. But please note, these efforts must bring in the right prospects - those who are ready to purchase what you are offering.  Therefore, your marketing message must be tuned to attract your target audience. Here, you will learn about the strategi

By: Space Selectors   December 22, 2019

Denver Business Licensing Demystified: Map Your Legal Pathway to Success

  Being home to over 50,000 small businesses, which employ over one million people, Colorado is a great place to start a business.  Currently, the Centennial State ranks as the fourth-highest state in the United States for the amount invested in local businesses.  Also, the cost of living in Colorado is generally less than other states. Additionally, Boulder and Denver combined offer considerable startup resources, and the opportunity to raise a great deal of capital.  These indicator

By: Space Selectors   October 12, 2019

The Top Three Commercial Real Estate Valuation Approaches: EXPLAINED

  If you are looking to answer the most important commercial real estate question, you are in the right place. The question: What is that property worth in reality? You know the list price, and you know the comps (comparable sales). Now you need to discover exactly what that property is worth based on reliable data. Then, discover what it is worth to your specific company. As such, you must go beyond the simple real estate appraisal and general commercial real estate valuation. To elabor

By: Space Selectors   October 5, 2019

Denver Commercial Real Estate: The Complete Guide to Locating, Negotiating, and Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Denver

    Navigating commercial real estate is tricky, complex, and sprinkled with pitfalls. As such, negative outcomes hide around many corners as you travel through the process. Therefore, prior to revealing how to locate, negotiate and lease commercial real estate in Denver, I highly advise that you use a licensed Denver commercial real-estate professional. They will ensure that you follow the right steps, dot every “I” and cross every “T.”   Now that the cautions

By: Space Selectors   October 1, 2019

Locating Your Ideal Retail Property in Denver: Uncover How to Find it in Such a Tough Market

Searching for commercial retail property in Denver is an adventure that is filled with opportunity.  But, enter with caution and prepare yourself ahead of time.  It is complicated, difficult and dotted with hidden pitfalls.  As such, adverse possibilities will lurk in unexpected places as you navigate the process.  Therefore, prior to revealing how to locate retail property in Denver, it is important to recommend that you use a licensed commercial real-estate professional like

By: Space Selectors   September 1, 2019

Denver Colorado Franchise Opportunities Are Knocking: How to Create or Purchase Your Own Franchise

If you have not considered operating a franchise in Denver, you will after exposing the favorable conditions that prevail there.  First, uncover why Denver Colorado franchise opportunities abound.  Then, read about some famous franchise success stories from the mile-high city.  Finally, learn how to start a franchise for yourself. You have two options for franchising:  Expand your own business by creating a franchise opportunity or invest in an existing franchise with a proven track recor

By: Space Selectors   September 1, 2019

Denver Economic Development is Strong: Now is a Great Time to Launch Your Denver Business

If you are considering where to launch your business, take a look at Denver.  From its thriving demographics to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Denver economic development is strong from every angle.  To begin, it is consistently ranked along with the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.  Also, Denver’s geographically-centered location and its new and efficient international airport combine to make Denver one of the country’s most important transportation hubs.  As ano

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