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By: Space Selectors   October 12, 2019

The Top Three Commercial Real Estate Valuation Approaches: EXPLAINED

If you are looking to answer the most important commercial real estate question, you are in the right place. The question: What is that property worth in reality? You know the list price, and you know the comps (comparable sales). Now you need to discover exactly what that property is worth based on reliable data. Then, discover what it is worth to your specific company. As such, you must go beyond the simple real estate appraisal and general commercial real estate valuation. To elaborate, uncov

By: Space Selectors   October 5, 2019

Denver Commercial Real Estate: The Complete Guide to Locating, Negotiating, and Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Denver

    Navigating commercial real estate is tricky, complex, and sprinkled with pitfalls. As such, negative outcomes hide around many corners as you travel through the process. Therefore, prior to revealing how to locate, negotiate and lease commercial real estate in Denver, I highly advise that you use a licensed Denver commercial real-estate professional. They will ensure that you follow the right steps, dot every “I” and cross every “T.”   Now that the cautions

By: Space Selectors   October 1, 2019

Locating Your Ideal Retail Property in Denver: Uncover How to Find it in Such a Tough Market

Searching for commercial retail property in Denver is an adventure that is filled with opportunity.  But, enter with caution and prepare yourself ahead of time.  It is complicated, difficult and dotted with hidden pitfalls.  As such, adverse possibilities will lurk in unexpected places as you navigate the process.  Therefore, prior to revealing how to locate retail property in Denver, it is important to recommend that you use a licensed commercial real-estate professional like

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Why do I need to provide a personal guaranty for my commercial real estate lease?

When we talk to many potential customers who are getting ready to buy or start a business, they are often surprised to find out that they are being asked to provide a personal guaranty to lease commercial space for the business.  Since the loan is for the business, not for the individual, they wonder why a personal guaranty is needed?   What is a personal guaranty?   Most banks will require some guaranties before lending money to a startup in case the loan cannot be

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Understanding the Basics of a Commercial Lease Letter of Intent (LOI)

In past posts we have discussed how valuable hiring a broker who is knowledgeable and experienced can be. This is especially true when it comes to being able to draft a letter of intent (LOI). When it comes to the commercial real estate space, we find that there are many questions that surround letters of intent, so we thought it would be important to discuss this topic in further detail. Our hope is that this blog post helps shed some light on what a letter of intent is and why it is an importa

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Getting Started in Denver Commercial Real Estate 2019

Are you thinking about getting into the commercial real estate sector? Perhaps you are coming over from residential, or you have no past real estate experience at all. We want to help provide some information so that you can learn the basics of what it takes to get started in this sector, and what kind of potential income awaits you.   So why do you want to be in commercial real estate? This is typically the first question you should ask yourself? Your “why” can be the most import

By: Space Selectors   August 26, 2019

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate: Understanding the Difference

  Are you looking into a career in real estate, but unsure as to if commercial or residential is the right path for you? There is a lot that goes into becoming an agent, and a lot to consider before deciding on which path to take. While there are similarities, there are also many differences. Taking a closer look can help you see which is the right fit for you.   The most obvious difference between being a commercial agent or residential agent is the type of real es

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