Denver Broker for Commercial Real Estate Since 1998

About us

Space Selectors has been created to offer you a simple and customized commercial real estate search.

We provide you with the initial market analysis, rents and competition study that will help you launch your business from a more informed and strategic position. Space Selectors is web-based. It is extremely cost-effective and understandable platform. We offer exclusive access to national real estate experts that are highly-skilled in real estate evaluation, demographic analysis and commercial real estate negotiation.

Our History


Over the last 22 years our team has met hundreds of new and seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners and artisans with amazing business ideas and captivating products. ‘Houston we have a problem’…Most of these entrepreneurs didn’t have access to, or know to ask for, the necessary data and real estate resources that would help make their businesses dreams come true! How could that be? This is a big reason why so many independent and franchise businesses fail.

Why We Are Here


Space Selectors was created to keep you from getting lost in space. Plain and simple. We are the team behind your dream. When you have that great ‘can’t miss idea’, “we’re at the kitchen table with you”. Space Selectors quickly guides you to market-based cost and time assessments that are related to the real estate your business needs. Our various industry experts dive into the details of commercial real estate every day. They can help you understand what you need to make your business idea come to life. By using Space Selectors, you will gain knowledge and time to use towards developing your new business concept. Stop juggling your day job and contacting brokers on signs that never call you back. We’ve got you covered.